1058 Hoagie (San Francisco)

"Bigger is better" at 1058 Hoagie. Their sandwiches are a carnivore’s dream.  1058 Hoagie is the brainchild of Deli Board, one of the sandwich kings of San Francisco. (Ike’s Place still reigns supreme in the SF sandwich war, as you have seen him on Man vs Food.)

This Italian-American sandwich place is tiny but oozes with coolness and produces ginormous manwiches which My Carnivore adored but I found excessive. There are only sizes: 7 inch sandos for $10 and 10 inch sandos for $13.

I  mistakenly ordered the 7 inch #10 roast beef, turkey, kurobuta ham, white american cheese, pickles, shum spread, brown mustard, the works. (I really wanted the salami and mortadella but oh, well…) I only managed to eat half of my sandwich. Although it was a solidly good sandwich,  I felt a little bit sick and bloated.

My Carnivore, on the other hand, scarfed down his 10 inch #11 steamed romanian pastrami, white american cheese, pickles, horseradish sauce, brown mustard. From the looks of the empty wrapper, he seemed to have enjoyed his sandwich.

Note to self: Go back and try the #11  salami finochhiona, mortadella, provolone, dynamite olive salad, shum spread, the works but find someone to share it with first.

"Over-the-Top Sandwich" Must Try in SF: “That’s It” which was popularized by Anthorny Bourdain, Deli Board, Ike’s Place and 1058 Hoagie.

Neighborhood: SoMa (South of Market)

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