The Chairman Food Truck (SF)

7x7 Big Eat SF (2012 to 2014):  Steamed Buns

I’ve tried quite a bit of food trucks in San Francisco but The Chairman remains to be my most favorite. 

The menu consists of either baked or steamed buns with creative Taiwanese-American fusion-style meats but I prefer the steamed bao.

These are snack-size morsels but surprisingly two bao are enough to fill me up during lunch time.

My faves are:

1. Coca-Cola Braised Pork with Savoy Cabbage & Preserved Yellow Mustard Seeds

STEAMED $3.75 vs BAKED $6.75

2. Crispy Miso Cured Tofu with Garlic-Tofu Mayo & Baby Choy Sum

STEAMED $3.25 vs BAKED $6.00

(Between the two, believe it or not, the pork was yummy but I really like the tofu!)

Just look for the red panda!

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